Where Do I Start?

Colors can be daunting, especially when you are looking at something like the picture to the right.  How do you know which ones to use?

  • It’s good to start by looking at pictures or taking a drive down a neighborhood you like With houses similar to yours (Keep in mind colors on stucco will look different on wood and vice versa)
  • Find a general color style that you like (i.e. “Gray” “Earth Green” ” “Beige”) and start here.
  • When looking at colors at a paint store or on a fan deck, keep in mind that these are pictures of the actual color and the color may look different from what is there.  The paint swatches are a guide to finding the right color, which is why we offer up to 4 samples because it may take a few different colors to find the right ones.
  • If you are unsure or just want a second opinion to be sure then we offer a free hour of color consulting to go over the colors before the project.
  • Once you have the samples, make sure to use the brushed out sample to hold against the wall(or trim) to see if you like it.

Review color books at local paint store or at our office.

choosing paint colors

Request a free COLOR SAMPLE KIT delivery to your door.

Review Samples and pick your colors!

Need professional help? Get a free hour with a Larson Bros. recommended color consultant.


Do Lighter colors last longer or fade less than darker colors on exterior paint jobs?

Darker colors will tend to fade faster, but it does depend on the type of color and how dark it is.  A dark Gray will fade slower than a really bold color like dark red or blue.

What is the most popular sheen for an exterior paint job?

“Low Sheen” is the most popular by far, followed by “Flat” (Which has no sheen)

Most popular sheen for Cabinets?

We generally use a “Semi Gloss” Product on cabinets, because of the amount use they generally get, a semi gloss sheen will hold up longer and stay scrubable longer.

Most Popular Sheen for interiors?

That depends, on the main living areas, we will generally use a flat or a low sheen (Depending on how much sheen you like and how much abuse the walls will take.)  For trim the most popular sheen is Semi Gloss and for ceilings, generally we match the wall choice or use flat.  Flat will show a lot less of the imperfections on a large horizontal space like a ceiling.

Do More colors cost more money?

Generally yes, the more colors we use, the more often we have to switch between paints, which takes more time. this is especially true for detailed ornamental exterior trim.

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