Why We Paint

Paints and Solid stains offer UV protection and guard the substrate (siding: Stucco, wood or masonry) from moisture damage.  When painting a house and developing an estimate, both of these need to be take into account to make sure the house gets a full lifespan out of the paint job.  A house will look great after it has been painted but if it hasn’t been sealed properly you can have dry rot issues on wood surfaces or cracking over dried out stucco.

Sandra R. Napa

“Larson Brothers did an excellent job on my exterior in Napa!  They did everything they promised and as quoted.  They were professional, and meticulous.  I would highly recommend!”

The Basics

  • Pressure wash and Mildew Cleanse
  • Scrape and sand loos and peeling paint to a sound paint-able surface
  • Caulk in failing cracks and seams
  • For Stucco: Stucco patch areas where stucco is missing.
  • Make sure to spot prime any bare surfaces or “Chalky” areas
  • Always apply 2 even coats of finish up to product specifications

For More information on the Standards for Painting you can click below to see the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) Website.


Should I be worried about lead paint?

Yes and No.  Lead paint can cause lead poisoning in high dosage to adults but is much more poisonous to small animals and children.  All of our Foreman have been through lead treatment classes and We follow all of the lead procedures mandated by the EPA so there shouldn’t be any concern.

Is there anything that should not be filled with Caulking?

It’s important to diagnose the scope of caulking work properly or you can have premature failures from the following areas:

  • Too much caulking, especially in areas that are not intended to be caulked will lead to the caulking failing.
  • Wrong type of caulking: whether to use a standard caulking or an elastic caulking to fill seams makes a big difference in how long a caulking will last
  • low quality caulking: Using the Highest quality caulking will have a longer lifespan and will hold in its seam longer

Remember: Use caulking strategically because adding extra caulking will create extra maintenance.

What does it mean to “Wrap Trim”?

Trim wrapping basically means to paint the outer thin edge of the trim with the trim color.

When Should I use an Elastomeric Coating?

Elastomeric Paints are ideal for Stucco, or if there is heavy splitting in wood siding (Generally t-111 siding).  They are thicker than your average paint and more elastic.

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