Everyone Knows it’s important to have a great reputation, but how does it benefit you?

Have you ever heard the phrase “A Guarantee is only as good as the Reputation of the company that it comes from?”   How does a reputation influence a Guarantee?

A company that has and maintains a great reputation can only keep up the reputation by holding to their promises, and the biggest promise our company gives to our customers is the guarantee that our paint job will last and if it doesn’t we will fix it.

A contractor that only has a word of mouth reputation can afford to burn bridges, because it will only get so far and their workflow will keep going.

A reputation is your insurance that a company will hold true to their work and guarantee.

Our Reputation

Is Word of Mouth the Best Way to Find contractors?

In general, Word of Mouth is one of the best ways of finding a contractor.  In the painting industry, we get a lot of our business on referrals from our past customers and I think it eases a new customer’s mind to know that we have done work for one their friends or family.

We have also done a lot of clean up work for customers who used personal referrals in the past.  If you use a personal referral, it is still important to make sure a contractor has a strong reputation other than word of mouth because a contractor with no reputation has nothing to lose.

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