Schedule a Sample Kit Delivery for your scheduled project

Our sample kit includes up to 4 color samples. You will receive paint samples, brush outs and applicator brushes however we recommend using the brush outs to choose your color and not applying paint directly to any walls. *A note about colors on exterior projects- current paint trends favor dark colors, however please be aware that darker colors require more maintenance than lighter colors on exterior paint jobs and may cut the life of your paint job in half. Darker colors have been known to retain up to 15 degrees more heat than white colors which can contribute to premature failure of the paint job. Dark colors also tend to fade faster than light colors on exterior paint jobs. In areas that get lots of sun, dark colors can fade within 3-6 years compared to lighter colors that can last up to 10 years or longer. Please notify us if you would like feedback on your color choices to avoid colors that may affect the durability of your paint job.